Monday, November 26, 2012


Working on another Christmas Tree with birds as the theme........
I found these beads years ago in FireMountain Gems or Shipwreck Beads (can't remember which) and bought them specifically for bird ornaments. They are called "Party Beads". I have tried to find them again and sad to say they are no where to be found online.
Anyway, they remind me of the vintage glass bird ornaments from long ago.
These can be made from pearls or any other kind of 4mm round and 4mm x 9mm(?) teardrop shape beads.
3mm or 4mm jump rings seat the head on the body using a drop of super glue.
No hole beads make the eyes (fill in the bead holes on either side of the head), 32 guage brass or silver wire makes the curlicue and hanger on the top of the head, a tiny snip of 28 guage wire makes the beak and silver or gold metalic thread makes the tail feathers.
Hopefully I will be able to finish this before Christmas.
Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving, for those who do celebrate it. I have come to think of every day as a day for giving thanks, though. I know a lot of people all over the world have a really tough time but there are still many blessings we can be grateful for. I thank God everyday that I woke up and if I should not wake tomorrow then I know my soul is secure in Jesus Christ. That is the greatest blessing of all!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Early Christmas.....

Made a tiny wire tree with ornaments for a friend and wanted to share a picture.

The Santas are made of 5mm painted (red nail polish) and 3mm plain pearls. The hats are teeny 1/8 punches of white felt and a red seed bead to top off. The belts are black buttonhole twist thread highlighted with yellow acrylic paint for the buckle. Snowmen are 4mm and 3 mm plain pearls with a black sequin and black seed bead to make their hats. They wear red thread scarves.
Details are added with acrylic paint.
All are threaded onto straight silver jewelry pins and the top curled over for a loop.
The tiny trees are snipped-into-shape points of chenille stems stuck into gold painted e-size beads. Had to add jump rings to the tops of these for a hang loop.
There are 18 arms on the wire tree with one in the center (total 19) to hold the 18 ornaments (6 of each) plus the star.
I am hoping that our issues will be resolved soon. My husband has had to take early retirement on disability due to his Multiple Sclerosis. It is a big adjustment for both of us.
Lots of details to cope with!
Anyway, not a lot going on with my minis but maybe things will settle down before long.

Merry Christmas to all of you out there!