Sunday, March 31, 2013

Here I am again......
As I was clearing out some of the items in the craft room, I ran across my modern tables made from pizza "thingies" that you sometimes get in the middle to keep the box lid from touching the food.
Anyway, I spray painted two of them silver and topped them with stained wood circles. The circles are a little smaller than the span of the legs but I think it makes it look more modern this way.
Here is a picture of my niece and her new hubby...
Hope everyone has a good week!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Hi, everyone.....
Been a while since I have posted, I know.
My niece was married at the beginning of this month and we have been so busy with that. Also, my husband has had to take early retirement due to his health so I have lots of extra "jobs" round the house now. It takes just about all of me to work full time and do that, minis are suffering.
I am having a major clear out of my craft room and actually the whole house needs good clean, so I will be absent from the blogger world for a little longer.
I will show you a project that I worked on over the winter, though.

I bought some acrylic mirror in the auto department of WalMart, which is easily cut to size.  The bottom picture (sorry for the blur) is shot at a strange angle to get the details but it makes it appear to be un-matched on the side mirrors. I assure you it is level with the other side when viewed from the front.
Anyway, I framed it out with thin card then painted it gold. I stongly advise keeping the plastic film on while working as the mirror can become easily scratched, which is why I decided to antique it after all. After the frame is dry, remove the film and use a scruffy old paint brush to stipple and dot black acrylic craft paint around the edges at random. Make sure the brush is dry and dab off the excess onto paper towel so you have only a tiny bit left. Some of the paint will get onto the frame, too, but that is okay as it will add a little antique finish. Don't antique too much, though, a little around the edges is best, I think. I glued a little stand to the center back of the middle mirror to keep it from tipping backwards.
The vanity tray is gold color middy braid (purchase from the sewing department at Hobby Lobby) glued around an oval Woodsie; then lined with light olive color suede cloth or fabric. The box in the middle with the clear stones is a vintage necklace clasp I discovered on ebay; the jar on the left is a clear pony bead topped with a nail polish painted then decorated scrapbook brad; the jar on the right is the knob from a pocket watch winding stem. These make perfect little decorative accents. I found a small batch of these on ebay while searching for pocketwatch hands/parts.
Hopefully I will be able to finish my Spring clean and get back to my minis, which I so dearly love.
Until then, keep mini-ing to keep your sanity!