Monday, February 10, 2014


(Using lace type seam binding for mini trims)

Okay, bad pun, I know...

I know vendors sell tiny laces and trims but sometimes you’re in the middle of a project and either don’t have any or can’t wait for an order to arrive. Many of you probably have done this and some of us haven’t even thought about it. Pictured below are a couple of examples of obtaining narrow trim or lace from Seam Binding or the edges of lace trim. Just cut the edge off very carefully. Handle gently just in case it may unravel on the cut edge. We could apply some thinned tacky glue or FrayCheck on the lace or trim before cutting. Let it dry well before trimming off.

Here is an example of the use of the edge from Lace type Seam Binding:
Use for trim on lingerie...
(I need to work on my bra pattern. This one is definitely for a flat chested gal!)
...or to simulate a zipper in a seam

And an example of a tiny edge trimmed from narrow lace:                                                                
Use to edge a tiny square of fabric for a handkerchief

The rosebuds are made by just tying a knot in embroidery thread. Twist it between your thumb and finger while making the loop to give it several “turns” and then carefully and slowly pull the knot together. The green leaves are just a tiny bow tied with a single strand of embroidery floss and dotted with glue on the center knot before cutting off the “tails”. Glue the rose bud on top of the leaves. Making your roses this way is a lot easier and less expensive than using silk ribbon. Of course you don’t get the same look but you can get a much smaller bud. And there’s no stitching and no messy underside on your project.

As soon as I am able to tweak my lingerie patterns and get them just right I will try and post them along with some tips I have found to help me. It may take me a while so please be patient......
Hope everyone has a good week!