Friday, January 20, 2017

These pans are a bit large for 12th scale but still can be used as a dish pan or wash pan.

We visit Cracker Barrel restaurant occasionally and I always get extra jam/jelly.

They are great for crafting these little jewels!

I start by tacking the pans to a piece of card with some double sided tape and spray paint the insides white. Two to three coats usually, drying well in between (the most difficult part is waiting!)

When dry, turn them over and tack them to the tape upside down. Paint with your choice of acrylic paints, two to three coats, of course, drying well in between. Splatter with black acrylic and a brush by drawing your finger over a paint loaded brush. (Use gloves to do this part)

After all is VERY dry, spray on a clear acrylic gloss. Then add a black trim edging with a Sharpie marker.

Heat a straight pin and punch a hole in one edge for hanging.

As you can see, I rusted the orange pan with brown and rusty reddish acrylic paints.

The last picture shows an aluminum finish done by painting just the inside with Tim Holtz/Adirondak Alcohol Ink in silver.

Hope everyone is well!


  1. Has hecho un estupendo trabajo con la pintura.

  2. Me gusta mucho el trabajo de pintura que les has hecho!!!

  3. ¡Que bien te han quedado! Me gustan mucho...Un beso

  4. Thanks for sharing this wonderful tip.
    Hugs, Drora

  5. Your washing up pans look very authentic! I love the photo of them stacked together- Great job! :D