Sunday, July 14, 2013

A quick update on my Hubby, Louie:
God has answered prayer and he is much improved! We have some medical equipment on the way that will help us out a lot. God's Spirit has calmed some of the fears that we had and several of our problems have been resolved.
Thank God for strength to carry on each day!
We have good indication and many reasons to believe and hope that hubby will get most of his mobility back that he had before hospital.
It was thought at first that he may have some kidney failure but whether the first test was incorrect or there actually was something wrong, we don't know, but a kidney specialist says there is nothing wrong with his kidneys so one way or another, that prayer was answered.
Hopefully it won't be much longer before things will be much better.
Thank you to all for your wonderful comments and especially your prayers!
It really means a lot!
Maybe I can get another tutorial up soon. What I have in mind for you is, I think, a great idea!


  1. Thank you for your update, for when I saw your former post yesterday, I kept my fingers crossed for you. Now things seem to have improved for you and your husband. I hope it will continue this way! Hugs, Liduina

  2. Dear Gail! I'm so relieved that there is improvement. We will keep on praying and hoping since hope is what keeps us praying! Take care!

  3. That's good to read! might wonder, why i am writing here..:) But i do feel for you and with you, as my husband has had heart-surgery "out of the blue" 2 years ago, last year he had a i know ,too, about all this! We might sometimes wonder, when and if prayers will be answered...only God knows! But i think it is a wonderful feeling and so encouraging to know that many people are praying when one is in need!

  4. Hello Gail! What a trying set of circumstances you have been experiencing of late! I often wonder why there has to be soooo much trial by fire in the lives of good people. When you already have your plate full, here comes another heaping helping of more grief and upsets. I will certainly keep you and your husband in my prayers too! God doesn't tell us "Why" but he does tell us to hold on to Him during the midst of it all. And what a great network of people petitioning God on your behalf! How Wonderful and Marvelous is that!? This is what God's people are called to do, Pray! And then trust in Him to answer.


  5. Hello Gail, I just went back to see your previous post. It is a sad situation and yor faith in God helps a lot. It is nice to know there is improvement. I know you are both going through a difficult time. Your'll be in my thoughts and prayers.
    Hugs, Drora