Saturday, July 13, 2013

Just a short update as to what is going on.......
My Husband, who has Multiple Sclerosis, has been in hospital and we are now home trying to regain his strength and what little bit of mobility he may still have.
Please pray for us as I have to keep my job for our insurance. I have no one and no resources to pay for someone to stay with him during the daytime. I have some vacation time to use but it is not unlimited. I am very tired due to rising several times at night to care for him and then taking care of him in the daytime, too. His social security disability has just started last month and he will have a two year waiting period for Medicare. Medicaid won't pick up until we have spent what little bit of savings we have. Tried to get help through MS Society once but the answer was we make too much money. If it is a $1.00 over the limit, it's too much.
God does answer prayer and already has in several instances in the past two weeks. If we can just get him back on his feet to be able to take care of himself during the daytime like he did before.
Need prayer more than anything else.
If anyone out there knows of any help we may be able to obtain, please email me privately
Thank you all for your kind comments about my miniatures. Hopefully things will return to normal quickly and I will be able to post another how-to before long.
Gail Harmon Cason



  1. Hi Gail, I'm so sorry to hear this news. I'm sending prayers and good thoughts your way. May circumstances improve soon, sweet friend. xo Jennifer

  2. o dear..this is very sad to read. Hope and pray that you will get help and that your husband will regain some strength! Difficult times, but i know prayers help ! Will be thinking of you, Anne

  3. Dear Gail, what a horrible way to live. I feel so much for you and your husband. I have prayed for you so that those things you ask for be granted. Hang in there. I admire your courage and that of your husband. Many things can be changed through prayer which would not otherwise be altered. Keep that in mind and may the Lord increase your faith to that level where healings can be accomplished. Remember when the Lord said "Your faith has healed you." He said that many times in the course of His ministry. And when He went to his hometown, He had to leave because He could not do anything because of the people's unbelief. Faith is a powerful gift of the Holy Spirit. It can move mountains!

    1. Amen! to all of this Lucille!


  4. Gail
    you are in my prayers and I hope things come together for you soon