Sunday, March 13, 2016

Vintage French Laundry Basket in 12th scale - Part 1

It has taken me a little longer than anticipated to do up a tutorial. This is going to be part one as I have been going to visit my hubby in hospital. Anyway, I will get the rest done as soon as possible.

Use memory wire...this is usually used for those coiled bracelets and is the fine gauge.

Straighten the wires as best you can and curl each end as shown in next picture

Part of the info was cut off; sorry...
It reads:

Cut 12 pieces of tin can or very heavy aluminum for the clips or connectors. It has to be strong enough to hold the wire pieces without stretching the connectors back out. You can also use tiny spring like coils made from the memory wire to thread the "v" through but you can't curl the ends until you have both "v"s through the hole.

The connectors measure 3/16 inch wide by 1/4 inch long.....

The next picture continues the info:

See the next picture for a view of the connectors.

Just as soon as I can, I will show you how to thread the "V" pieces onto the circles and how to finish it off.
Please bear with me as my time is limited for minis. I do still work a full time job and hubby is in and out of hospital just now until we can see a specialist for his problem.
Thank you to all who commented on my latest post and thank you for your prayers and best wishes for us.



  1. Lo mas importante es que se solucione el problema lo antes posible. Un tutorial muy interesante.